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IRIS OpenBooks

IRIS OpenBooks is a new way of bookkeeping and accounting that redefines the relationship between accountants and client...and we have proof of it first hand.

  • Collaboration provides accountants and clients shared, real-time visibility to the current financial position
  • Anytime, anyplace secure access to your financial information, anywhere there is an internet connection: office, hotel, on the move
  • Expand your reach by supporting all kinds of micro-business clients, including those with international transactions
  • Save time by utilising the OpenBooks tax-aware, real-time accounting engine to automatically generate management accounts and trial balances
  • Safe and secure: IRIS OpenBooks uses bank level security to ensure all your data protected

IRIS OpenBooks makes the process of accounting simpler for clients and, with its integration into the IRIS Accountancy Suite, accountants become the business advisor rather than the number cruncher.

IRIS OpenBooks is the accountants' edition of the award-winning FreeAgent software.

Talk to use today about how we can help you start using this.