Your Business Matters


Your Business Matters to KJM Accounting Services...

We take your business seriously, no matter how big or small the job, we will give you 100% of our expertise and professional service.

When times are tough.. and they will be for a while.. we can help you weather the storms with sensible planning, good management of cash and sound advice when you need it.

As the founder of KJM Accountancy Services, I have over 23 years accountancy experience in both practice and industry.  Having started (many years ago) as a trainee in a small firm and latterly worked at Director level for a large independent firm of Chartered Accountants, my experience is broad and varied.

I want KJM Accounting Services to provide a high quality service to small businesses at a fixed competitive price.

Our aim is to support small business owners taking way the strain of dealing with compliance matters and bring clarity to the everyday financials of their business.  By providing insight and the knowledge to give small business owners the information and detail they need to run their business effectively will undoubtedly help take their business forward.

If you want the “Ronseal” treatment... we do what it says on the tin. Your Business Matters.

Get in touch today.. it costs you nothing to talk to us!